Nuisance Wildlife Control



Nuisance Wildlife Control

NIX Pest Management provides wildlife control services across Central Brevard County. When a wild animal gets into your home it can be a very stressful experience. Wildlife can quickly create a big mess and potentially carry a host of diseases.

Wild animals can enter a residence or commercial building purposefully by crawling their way through damaged vents, fascia boards or screens. Wildlife may also enter a property entirely by accident through an open door or window.

There is a wide variety of animals that commonly infest man-made structures, including: Raccoons, Gophers, Squirrels, Opossum, Bats, Chipmunks, Moles, Skunks, plus

There are also some “invaders”, predominantly insects; that are likely to infest homes or businesses from time to time. Some of these occasional invaders include: Crickets & Ground Beetles, Boxelder & Ladybugs, Earwigs & Millipedes

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