Pest Management

Pest Management


Pest Management has certainly evolved over the 46 years that we have been in business! The frequency of a service provided and the products themselves have changed dramatically for the better.

Our industry has partnered with science to produce long lasting, effective treatment options that work with the environment. The advancement of monitoring stations, baits, pheromone traps, and non-repellent insecticides have given us the edge over the bugs!

Our service programs are tailored to meet your needs. Upon inspection of your home and determination of the level of infestation, we will recommend the correct program. Whether it means a weekly appointment, monthly , bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or yearly, rest assured our experience will guide your peace of mind!

If you are looking to prevent a problem, our quarterly program is a fit. On the first service, we treat inside and the perimeter of your home. After that, we can treat the perimeter, and only come inside as needed or requested. This is our most popular maintenance pest management service. Nix provides free callbacks when needed if you are on a regular service program.


We can Nix those pest!